Mumeishi 3’s

The Mumeishi 3s International Kendo Championship was started in 1973 with a unique format that was conceived to promote the entry of beginners in to the Taikai. 

The format which is still used today, is that each team must consist of 3 fighters of which at least 1 fighter must be of a Kyu grade, the other 2 fighters can be of any grade. The format is a straight knock out format with 64 teams or more starting at the beginning of the championship. During the day there is also a ladies individual championship and a juniors championship.
The Mumeishi 3s Championship has attracted teams and individual fighters from all over the world which in a large part is due to the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of the late Terry Holt sensei who passed away in early 2015. Terry Holt sensei was always a committed supporter and advocate of the junior members and it is with this in mind that the juniors event has been named The Terry Holt Juniors Championship.

We look forward to welcoming fighters from wherever in the world they journey from and promise them a warm welcome. For those that practice kendo but will not be fighting we have an open practice on the Sunday morning where you will have an opportunity to practice with sensei and other kendoka from all across Europe and further.

Mumeishi would also like to thank the companies and organisations that help support and sponsor the event including:
Euro Kendo – Suppliers of top quality kendo bogu, armour and equipment around the world.