Beginners Course

Kendo can give the impression of being very aggressive and demanding sport, but when you start to practice Kendo you will realise that it is not about your physical strength but about how your mind and body interact. Kendo will help to develop your strength in your whole body and will deliver a full cardiovascular workout. It is most important though as with any physical exercise that you be properly hydrated before the start of each practice.


Your safety whilst practicing Kendo is very important to us and with the protection provided by the armour and the disciplined atmosphere within which you practice it is extremely safe, but still allows for full contact whilst practicing.
Kendo can be practiced by all ages, sizes and gender.

At Mumeishi we have a wide age range from 6 to 70+ years as well as many women Kendoka. Throughout the year Mumeishi kendo club runs a number of four week adult beginners course. For Children and Adults this enables you to sample and start Kendo with no previous experience of martial arts.

Children: can start a four week beginner course at any time, so just come in and see us at the class.

Adults (aged 18+): To book your place check the calendar for the next date. To book or if you have any questions please use our contact e-mail address

The Cost:

The cost of the beginners course is £60
The Course Includes:
Your own Shinai (Bamboo Sword)
3 months temporary membership to the British Kendo Association which includes insurance for practicing within the dojo for that period. You will need to apply directly to the BKA for this at a cost of £10, see below.

During this course you will learn:
The basics of Kendo Etiquette of the Dojo.
How to hold and maintain your Shinai
Basic kamae (stances) and footwork.
Basic Cuts and attacks.

By the end of the course you we hope you will have developed the basics of Kendo and be on your way to putting on the club armour, available for your use.
As part of the beginners programme you will need to join the British Kendo Association (BKA) as a temporary member which costs £10. This will give you 3 months membership and includes your insurance to practice within the dojo. More information on joining the BKA can be found here and to start the online application and make the payment you will need to follow this online BKA application link. During the process you will need to nominate Mumeishi as the dojo you wish to practice at and then we will be asked to confirm you will be practising with us.
We would also hope you would like to become a full member of the club and enjoy practising Kendo for many years.

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